Fox River is blessed to partner with MANNA Worldwide, two missionary families, and four national pastors in two small villages on the eastern coast of Kenya, Africa. In the villages of Bomani and Vipingo, we are providing:

  • Churches that provide gospel and Bible studies to children and hundreds of community members. There have had hundreds of professions of faith and baptisms.
  • Schools with 588 students enrolled in preschool - grade 5.
  • Feeding centers that provide the children with a hot meal during their school day. Many times it is the only meal they will have.
  • A well to provide clean water.
  • Electricity, bathrooms.
  • Textbooks, clothes, recreation and basic healthcare.

In Nicaragua, Fox River has partnered with MANNA Worldwide and the church in La Esmeralda to provide healthcare to a community where there previously was none. The clinic was built on donated land near the church and was opened in June 2011. A doctor and nurse live at the clinic and see over 400 patients a month.