New Kenya Team Flight Itinerary

The Kenya team should be underway with their new flight itinerary. The plans are as follows: 10:25pm Paris time fly Qatar Airlines flight QR #16 to Doha, Qatar arriving at 5:50am

7:35am QR #532 to Nairobi arriving at 12:45pm Kenya time (8 hours ahead of WI)

Once in Nairobi they will clear immigration and customs. They will also find out how many bags followed them and how many we will have to report as missing. Please pray that as many as possible will arrive with the team and those missing will be located and returned to their owners as soon as possible.

3:50pm depart Nairobi on Kenya Airways #610 to arrive in Mombasa at 4:50pm

The group is in good spirits and working well together to keep everything moving along. They will have some great stories to tell about this adventure! We will make a stop by the local 'Walmart' for necessities once they arrive, but the evening will not hold much more than a shower, supper, an orientation meeting (if they seem to be holding up ok) and the great joy of having a bed to sleep in!

The delayed arrival will cause a bit of shifting in the schedule, but we think we have everything worked out so it will still go well.

When you pray for our team, please pray for Amanda. She has had some health problems recently that kept her from traveling with the team yesterday. I'm thinking she is o.k. with that right about now. :) She has been able to see a doctor to get on the medicine she needs and will be trying to reschedule her flights and still join the team in a couple of days. Please pray that those plans will come together as well.

Your prayers and support are so important to us! Jessie and I will keep you posted as we are able to get word from the team.

Thank you!