Today we spent the day at Vipingo. The kids were lined up sing to us as we got off the bus. They had a presentation prepared for us that was really cool then we sang for them (they got a kick out of that!). The video from us singing at Vipingo can be seen on the Fox River Facebook page. The teachers gave the team Kenyan shirts that were really cool. It is amazing to me how we go to serve and bless them and they give it back to us ten times more. They collect their own money to have something they can give us to show how much they appreciate Fox River and all that we do for them. After the kids presentation we spent time with the staff at Vipingo like yesterday, we did some team building activities. The afternoon was spent walking in the community inviting people out to the big soccer day on Saturday and playing with our school kids. I know I have said this before but I will say it again this team has done amazing work with all the changes that have been going on. Normally at this point we would have lots of fun toys and things to play with the kids but because we don't have any of our bags all we have is us. It has been cool to see that it is not about what we bring or what new toys we have for them - it's really just about spending time with us. Everything that we packed to do with them is not why they love us so much; it truly is for us and who we are. It's a good reminder not to get caught up in all the stuff, even here in Kenya. God's love is so much bigger then that.

We had a few people not feeling well today, but God has been working to heal them. Please continue to pray for them to get the rest that they need to do the work God has brought them to do. On the baggage note I have good news and ok news...We got two bags today but the other 9 bags they found are coming in on a late flight tonight. That leaves 11 bags that we don't know where they are. Because of that we are having to change up our plans with the kids a little bit. Tomorrow we are going to be working in Vipingo hanging mosquito nets and giving out shoes. Feel free to ask questions in the comment if there is something you would like to know more about = )