Community Day in Vipingo

Today we spent the day in the village of Vipingo hanging mosquito nets, inviting the community to the big celebration day on Saturday, handed out shoes, and we were able to be a voice of hope to the people we spoke with in the village. We were able to share about the free gift God has given each one of them and how to receive it just like the nets we were giving out. We had 6 accept Christ as their savior and hundreds of seeds planted. We will continue to pray for God's working in their lives. Installing the mosquito nets was very humbling as we entered people's houses and got to see first hand their living conditions. Many sleep on the wood slots on a bed frame; there is no mattress. Other's had thin pads which were thinner than a throw pillow and some of them don't have anything to sleep on but the dirt floor. It quickly changes your view on what you sleep on and your living conditions. It was a lot to take in for the team and people are still processing through what they have experienced today.

For lunch time we were able to return to our school and serve lunch to the Kids and had some play time. After our time with the kids we went back to hang the remaining mosquito nets and speaking about the hope God offers.

On a fun side note - our Vipingo girls choir went to a companion today and took first in 3 out of 4 areas.

This evening I went to the airport to pick up and check on bags. It was a good trip we got 7 more but we are still missing 17 bags. While it's hard to think about all the fun stuff we packed that we are missing out on, the team has done a great job of being the entertainment them self! =) I learned that we probably will not be getting the 17 bags anytime soon leaving us disappointed but still trusting in God. This is His trip and we will serve how ever He sees fit. Tomorrow is the Big Soccer day that we spend the whole day with kids from around the area. We planed to have lots of fun stuff to do with them now its just us! If any of you guys have ideas of games or fun things to do with the kids please write us and let us know!

Please pray for good weather and that people will be open to the message of hope we will be giving. God is doing big things here - I know He is because the devil is trying every way he can to bring us down such as lost bags, travel advisories and health and weather. We serve a bigger God and know that He has His hand on us. Thank you for your prayers.