The Big Day

Today was the big celebration day at Vipingo. We had a football tournament (American soccer), volleyball, a bouncy house, a choir competition, acrobatics, and more. Even though it was raining off and on, the turnout was good. The team was able to help serve the community lunch and help throughout the rest of the other activities. Each team member was surrounded by both Vipingo and non-Vipingo students proving that even though we don't have our toys and gadgets we can still provide a fun, entertaining, and exciting day showing God's love to everyone. On the way home, we took a few minutes and talked about our experiences from today. It was really cool to hear how the day impacted us all differently. Pam talked about how she had a group of three girls that she hung out with all day and when one of them got a small peace of corn she broke small parts off for all of them. She was only given a little, but she wanted to share what she was given with her friends and even her new friend Pam. To see a kid that has nothing be given a small amount of food, and see her willingness to share is so humbling to me. I think about how much I am given and my first reaction is not to give some to everyone around me. Luanne shared how she loved being able to serve in different areas, but still be apart of the big team. It takes all of us - Kenyan and Fox River teams - coming together as one big team to make an eternal impact!

At the end of the day, the team was worn out and ready for showers, dinner, and some much needed rest. I returned to the airport today to pick up one bag. They have found one more bag in Paris so now we are down to 15 bags still needed. It has been cool to see how God has provided just what we need in His time - like the bags I picked up the last two nights have had shirts in it. Our shirts are used on our big outreach days to help us spot each other and to show that we are one big team working together. Tonight the bag I picked up had the shirts to wear at Bomani, which is where we're going tomorrow. God's timing really is perfect!