Hard at work!

Today was our first full workday. Brian Weed started us off with some history of the church and clinic then went on to challenge us. He posed this question. Are you striving for success or significance? Everyone can achieve some kind of success but not everyone can achieve significance. That started some good conversations for the ride up the mountain. The ride up the mountain has been a such a great time to really bond all together as a team. Today we split up more into two teams to work on the two projects. The holes were the big part for the pavilion and with that out of the way we were able to start on the playground. So the girls took off on digging the 14 holes for the playground. We are really moving fast on the projects. Yesterday we had a few people helping from the community but today we had 25 people come out. There were some men and a few women but the rest were kids. They worked so hard and wanted to help out in anyway. I love how we are able to be such a light to the community because God has blessed us with so much. The doctor even came out this afternoon, learned how to use a screw gun and was helping us put the playground together! While we were waiting to start the next part we were able to talk with them about there lives and share our faith with them. The day started out just like yesterday, nice and sunny. The difference is that today it stayed nice all day! It was a hot one but we took it like champs! Pastor Guy wanted me to thank you for praying for the weather. Please keep praying because good weather really helps! It really was a great day. Thank you for your prayers. Please keep it up and pray for our team's health as we continue to give our all each day.


off to a good sunny start!


Here comes the playground poles!


I dont know who is working harder?


Tracy was working with the Doctor this morning.


King of the concrete hill!


It looks a bit crazy but dont worry it was just as crazy as it looks!


are you on a coffee break down there??


First one up!


Working hard.



The Doctors first time using a power tool.


These are the ladies that came to help us build- so sweet!


The girls have there guns and are ready for anything!



Bob sharing his sunflower seeds....He gave the kids a few...then came back a little bit later...to find the bag empty! we all started laughing because we were watching the kids eat them, then when he picked up the bag and was like- what? where? hahaha! The kids make things so fun!!

The guys


The start of the playground today.


The end of the playground today!


After day two!