Above and Beyond

This team has been amazing! They have jelled so fast and so well! Day one we all started out working together on the holes. Day two we started the playground and everyone just pitched in where they were needed. We couldn't have asked for things to have gone more smoothly. We have even had some competitions with Team Pavilion vs Team Jungle Gym. The playground has most of the girls working on it so we were giving Team Pavilion a hard time yesterday because their before and after pictures didn't look much different. We thought they were over in the coffee fields drinking coffee all day! Ha ha! Not really, they got everything ready to put the roof on today. Just seeing how this team is working together and working really hard everyday has been such a blessing. We are running a little a head of schedule right now. Team Jungle Gym took some time today to go clean the walls of the church so we can hopefully paint tomorrow. We have been able to get so much done because of the weather has been so good.

Tonight we went to the yearly report of the clinic and church in which we heard stories of how the clinic has impacted the community physically and spiritually. The clinic has seen almost 5,000 people in the last year. Praise God for the work He is doing here in Nicaragua!

Please continue to pray for the rain to hold off till we are done working. Today it just started to rain as we were wrapping things up. It then poured during the meeting and is still pouring as I write this post. We are so thankful that God has been holding it off until we are done each day. Also pray for strength. We have been giving 110% all week and are starting to wear down.


Team pic out side if the place we are staying at.


The view on our dive up today.


Start of day 4


Team Jungle gyms wood cutting team


Our father daughter team- they had to custom make it due to the fact that we didn't have all the right stuff. They rocked it out!


The roof is going up!


Our rock wall is going up!


Our amazing cooks!




Or pb&j's for all my kids! Haha they love peanut butter!


The girls washing the wall at the church.


We are don't have any fun times on this trip....


Nope no fun at all....






We really did work today :)


It's all starting to come together!


This was the end of the year report at the church.