Fun Days!

The last two days we had the privilege of putting on a fun day for our students at each school. It’s one of my favorite things we get to do for the kids. We do crafts, indoor/outdoor games and tell a bible story in a funny way. We prepare to come over and serve the people in Kenya when in reality it’s the people in Kenya that bless us beyond words. The fun days are bitter sweet. We get the chance to do the activities that we have been planning to do with our kids but then at the end of the day we have to say our last goodbyes. It’s an amazing experience to connect with someone here in Kenya. Having someone run up and hold your hand or walk around with you all day because for some reason you have connected with them is a life changing experience that simply can’t be all put into words.

The hard part for the team is still to come. They have given their last hugs said their goodbyes and shed some tears for the new friends they are leaving behind but God is not done using this trip yet. As they start to prepare to come home tomorrow they are going to be processing through all the things they have experienced. I would ask that you join me in praying for each one of them that God would show them what His will is for their life through the life change He has done in them here in Kenya.

We are all really excited to come home and see all of you! I would like to say a personal thanks to the friends and family members of the people that came on the trip. I know it has been harder for all of you to keep your families, Jobs and normal lives going while we are gone. We have the easy job of being here, but you have to live the day to day life without us, and that to me is the hard part. Thank you! Without your willingness of love and support you have shown to the team, we would not be as effective over here and we could not do what we are doing as well as we have. Your prayers and support were felt from miles away and trust us, the work is not done yet. We hope YOU can join us someday to experience it for yourself!