Wednesday Update

Missionary Brian Weed just called. He had to make a run down the mountain to purchase purified water. He had a cell signal and was able to call. The team is doing great and great things are happening in La Esmeralda! Here are some bulletin points from our conversation: **Health: for the most part, they are all doing well. No injuries, but Timothy, Libby and Megan had a bit of digestive trouble for a few hours. It passed quickly and they are back on their feet again.

**Rain: they have had a ton of it! However, Brian said every time they need it to stop, it has stopped! Keep praying that rain will not hinder their activities.

**VBS: VBS #3 in a local grade school went well this morning. One more to go tomorrow.

**Mosquito nets: handing out mosquito nets and the gospel at the same time has gone well. They have done that in 2 different areas now. Brian said they have seen salvation decisions during this outreach time.

**Language barrier: this seems to be going well. Brian's whole family is there to help translate (Rachel & their 3 daughters), missionary Donna Woodson, Yami, Daniel, Pastor Dennis who also speaks English and some of the teens know some Spanish as well. That has helped overcome this barrier.

**Rustic living: Brian says he thinks they have adjusted to their jungle dwelling and have done a great job overcoming the obstacles and hardships. There was a bit of a stir when some jungle rats found their way into the girl's room a couple of nights ago. Oh my! Won't those stories be fun to hear!!

**Bathing in the river: yep, they put on their swimsuits and bath in the river. The boys went yesterday and this afternoon some of the girls were going to give it a try. Imagine how cold those mountain streams would be.

All in all, Brian spoke highly of the team and all the good that is happening because of their serving. Please keep praying for them! Health and safety Weather to clear when needed Youth rallies tonight and the next 2 nights One more VBS for the kids tomorrow morning Life change - in our team and as they reach out to those in Nicaragua. They will never be the same after this incredible adventure!

They send their love and gratitude that you are standing behind them in this!