A Word from Karen

Karen is the administrator of the clinic:This week has been the best week of my life in service to Christ. I have felt a deep connection to this team and they radiate the love of Christ. It is contagious! The people have seen this. The devil has worked against the clinic in the past and sometimes it feels like it's not worth the trouble. With our small staff sometimes it seems like too much. But this week God showed us that we are one body with many members working together for His purpose. Our principle objective has been to do a physical work and a spiritual work in a way we hadn't been able to accomplish yet. But this week, yes! It has been a privilege to serve God side by side this week. God has helped me to grow in Him this week. We have seen God at work this week through the teamwork of Fox River, La Esmeralda, the church and the clinic. I feel the joy of the Lord in what has been done this week. image Karen & her husband, Danny