A Word from Nicole

Nicole learned how to do stitches.4

A word from Nicole: This has been such an incredible week. I can't believe it's almost over. Everything has far surpassed my expectations, from the food (so delicious), to the 'cabin on the pond' where we stayed. Not to mention the staff and the people here. The doctor and nurses we worked with were beyond amazing. Such wonderful teachers full of knowledge! They seemed to know everything about everything. I've had a lot of great learning experiences here that I would never get back home. I've been a nurse, a doctor, a pharmacist and a playmate/friend for the children. It's also amazing to me how patient the people here are waiting for their care. Some of them will spend all day at the clinic. I'll be sad to leave, but I'm so grateful for all the people we were able to help and share God's love with!