We have had an amazing opportunity the past 2 days (Sunday and Monday), to go on Safari.  It was such an incredible experience to see God's glory all over nature together as a team.  We saw 10 lions, and some even came within 10 feet of our Safari vans. We were told that is an incredibly rare opportunity! It was indescribable, to say the least! 

Abby B.  

Hey everybody! The past two days we were on Safari in Tsavo East National Park. It was pretty amazing. We were up before the sun on Sunday just so we could leave on time. During the first game drive we saw three lions, which I'm told is pretty uncommon. It was impossible not to see God in the beauty surrounding us. The mountains, rocks, trees, everything. Sunday night we had a mini worship session and bonfire. While we were singing I started crying just realizing how present God was in this place. It was nice to have a couple days of relaxing, but I kept wishing that I was back in the schools.  How anyone would ever want to leave this place I have no idea, but I can only pray that God allows me to come back.



“haiku wa safari”

 red soil on white skin

for Him, all was made by Him

praising with creation


Tomorrow we start our long trek home. We will start the day off with 2 more baptisms (buyah), and then we will be heading off to The Horne’s home (local missionaries here in Kenya), to debrief as a team and have pizza.

 Please pray for our team as we start the journey home, and try to acclimate to life back at home.

 Thank you so much for following our God adventure with us!

 We love you!