2012 - Nicaragua Construction Trip

A Day to Remember

We hit the ground running today! We finished off the roofing, hung 6 swings and made 9 picnic tables. It may not sound like a lot, but we really did rock it out this morning so that we could pack up the tool room and head to the waterfall for some baptisms. The morning went so fast and before we knew it we were putting the swings up on the playground as the final piece. The kids went crazy over them and there were lines for the swings. It was so fun to see the children enjoying their new jungle gym!

As we drove off, it was amazing to look out the back window and see how much we were able to do in just days! God has blessed us to be able to help reach this community with the gospel. Where once there was a muddy field there is now the major reference point for the area. Brian was telling me how addresses are based off of large monuments or attraction points. He said the clinic has now become the biggest attraction in the area.

Three of the local coffee farmers are going to pay for the materials to put a cement floor in the pavilion and people from the church are going to put it down. We had one of the guys working with Dan today on a sidewalk and he was really good. It has been eye opening to see how big of an impact this project has already started to make in the community. They are even talking about holding the 6th grade graduation there. That is a really big deal here, like a high school graduation. It was such a privilege to be able to be apart of impacting a community in such a big way.

After the hard good byes were said we headed off to the waterfall for a few baptisms. We had quite the adventure getting to the water fall. We took the easy path or what was the easy path. I will post a pic of the road we drove over everyday and the landslide that happened right next to it going down the mountain. It turns out that where that happened was right on the path that we had to go over.

Keep in mind we are in the cloud forest (aka it rains a lot) so we got a bit muddy on our way to the baptisms, but what's a little more mud at this point, right?! As we walked through this mud slide we would sink in the mud up to our knees. Needless to say we had to help each other get through it!

We finally all made it down and enjoyed an amazing time where we got to witness 4 of our teammates proclaiming their faith through baptism. It literally brought me to tears to be able to see how God has used them from saying yes to coming and serving Him in Nicaragua to stepping out in faith, overcoming great fears to say yes to His call for them to be baptized here. Sometimes we wonder why God has us on the path He has us on in life but if we just trust Him, He will put the right things into motion and open His doors. He has done that in my life for sure and I know He has been doing a great work in other team member's lives as well.

Would you join me in praying for God to continue the work He has been doing in our lives here when we get home? It's hard coming back and readjusting after the life change that has happened. Pray that we will move forward, seeking after His next step on this journey. And continue to pray for all those we have come to love that we leave behind to reach the community of La Esmeralda for God.


Back on top!


Back on the ground...for now....


Aidyn and I were able to make a craft with the kids today.


Enjoying the last day working with our friends.



4 tables later....


5 tables later....


Ready to help hang the swings!



The monkey is back at it!


The never ending "finishing the roof" is now over!


we have 30 min lets do one more project....lets make them a cloths line!



Some of the guys blessed the guys that had given there time to come and help out by giving them there tool belt.


The first thing to be done in the pavilion.



On the way to the waterfall.....crossing the landslide


The road we drove over everyday!








One last dip in the mud!


Our crew!

Adventures in the rain!

Today was an adventure! We were working on finishing the roof of the pavillion when a big rain storm came in. That add lots of fun to roofing! It was nice to have most of the pavilion done so we had some place to hid out and working on the picnic tables. The jungle gym team was not quite as fortunate since they only had half of their roof up! There was a lot of teaching going on today by our team. They were teaching the Nicaraguans how to us the power tools. We also had a team that did painting at the church. It was a bit of a challenge mixing the old paint but they added some water and just keep pouring it back and forth in five gallon buckets. Let's just say the project at the church has been a project that fits the saying, "When in Nicaragua do like the Nicaraguans!" We have had some fun times with them. When you see the pictures, remember that they don't have paint remover for oil base paints.

As we started this journey on Sunday we talked about what we were going to do if we didn't finish the projects. God set us on an adventure in so many ways that are related to this trip. He has blessed us with great weather and good help! I am so pleased to report that Lord willing tomorrow we will finish painting the church, putting the picnic tables together and wrap up a few lose ends regarding the pavillion and jungle gym. We will have completed all that God had for us to do.

Tomorrow is going to be a hard day because it will be the last with all of our new friends and some hard goodbyes will be said. Please pray for the team as they complete their work and prepare to head home.


Back at it


Working on moving the 75 pound scaffolding they made!


Learning how to paint like a Nica.


Note to self...after painting the wall don't put your head on it!


2nd note to self - when your counter balancing someone don't get up!


Brian working hard (on getting his phone to work!)


First rain on the pavilion


...umm guys maybe we should finish the big gap at the top soon!



How many guys does it take to put together a table?


Looks like they got it! Nice job guys!!!


What a great teacher.


She has taken on the Nica way of painting! (she will have that with her for some time! Haha!)


Painting with her coffee...when in Nicaragua!


It's all coming together!


Bob didn't want to get mud on his boots. (Really, we don't know what he is doing on the bucket but we have made up a lot of fun stories about it!)



End of day 5



It's almost done!

Above and Beyond

This team has been amazing! They have jelled so fast and so well! Day one we all started out working together on the holes. Day two we started the playground and everyone just pitched in where they were needed. We couldn't have asked for things to have gone more smoothly. We have even had some competitions with Team Pavilion vs Team Jungle Gym. The playground has most of the girls working on it so we were giving Team Pavilion a hard time yesterday because their before and after pictures didn't look much different. We thought they were over in the coffee fields drinking coffee all day! Ha ha! Not really, they got everything ready to put the roof on today. Just seeing how this team is working together and working really hard everyday has been such a blessing. We are running a little a head of schedule right now. Team Jungle Gym took some time today to go clean the walls of the church so we can hopefully paint tomorrow. We have been able to get so much done because of the weather has been so good.

Tonight we went to the yearly report of the clinic and church in which we heard stories of how the clinic has impacted the community physically and spiritually. The clinic has seen almost 5,000 people in the last year. Praise God for the work He is doing here in Nicaragua!

Please continue to pray for the rain to hold off till we are done working. Today it just started to rain as we were wrapping things up. It then poured during the meeting and is still pouring as I write this post. We are so thankful that God has been holding it off until we are done each day. Also pray for strength. We have been giving 110% all week and are starting to wear down.


Team pic out side if the place we are staying at.


The view on our dive up today.


Start of day 4


Team Jungle gyms wood cutting team


Our father daughter team- they had to custom make it due to the fact that we didn't have all the right stuff. They rocked it out!


The roof is going up!


Our rock wall is going up!


Our amazing cooks!




Or pb&j's for all my kids! Haha they love peanut butter!


The girls washing the wall at the church.


We are don't have any fun times on this trip....


Nope no fun at all....






We really did work today :)


It's all starting to come together!


This was the end of the year report at the church.

Still going strong

Time has been going so fast and so are our projects! God has been blessing us with great weather. At this point we are getting into the routine of setting our alarms for 6am and then the monkeys wake us up by going crazy outside our rooms by 5am! This morning some of the guys got up and went for a hike on the mountain because the monkeys were really loud. It ended up that something had happened to a baby monkey that the saw along the trail. After that the rest of the day was a normal workday. We got up to the clinic and all of our kids were there waiting for us to start working. Such a great way to start our day off! The medical staff went out into the community and got to see some people. It was a great way for them to see more of the area. Because we are up in the mountains we don't really see many people out and about. Being able to be taken up the mountain in a truck and really getting to see how people live was eye opening. A few of us also got to take a 10 minute walk up to see the soccer outreach that Pastor Dennis runs. Bob had a bunch of hats that he brought to give away as well as some shirts that were donated. It was powerful to give out the hats and the shirts to kids who have never experienced anything like that before. Their faces just lit up when they put that hat on! God worked in some really powerful ways today in many of the guy's lives. Please pray for them as they process through the things have been experiencing. The week has been flying by and relationships have been started. As we are starting to look toward the end of our projects it will start to hit the team that they have to say goodbye to their new friends that have been working side by side with them all week. Thank you for your prayers and support!


The guys were off to a good start!


But it looks like the girls could be off to a better start!


A boy becomes a man!


This is lunch cooking. any one have any ideas on what it is???


Eric was our monkey- He was all over the place!


One of the houses we went to see.


Tracy is looking at a sick baby when we were out.


The kids were all over today- they started playing on the playground before it was done. I think they were a little sad that we were putting up bars so they wont fall off the sides. Haha.


Working hard!



We had the guys cutting all day long!


When a girl cant do it on her own...she dosnt go get a guy to help...she gets another girl!


Bob giving out his hats.


The kids with their new look.


The first part of the roof going up!


End of day 3



The end of the day(part 2)...our kids have already taken over the playground!