2014 - Nicaragua Medical Trip

A Final Word from Rosie

Everyone was exhausted but very happy to have been through the experience over the last week. We were challenged, seeing many patients and conditions we had not dealt with before. We were challenged, sharing tight quarters with 18 roommates 24/7.

But what we take with us is...

We were encouraged, by each other and the beautiful Nicaraguan people. We are motivated, to serve others by using our gifts from God. We are grateful, for all of the experiences that have changed us.

It truly was our pleasure to serve side by side with the Nicaraguan team and represent Fox River.


Return to Managua

We had our last meal with the Nicaraguan team and headed out at 2pm. We arrived at our hotel in Managua at 6pm where we had some pizza and our wrap up team meeting. It was truly a pleasure to serve with this wonderful team in La Esmeralda. We were so happy to help the area communities and get to know the amazing people there. THANK YOU to all of you who came and served on behalf of the clinic and Fox River.

THANK YOU to all of the incredible Nicaraguans who helped make this possible for us. Our translators and the clinic staff, we couldn't have done any of this without you. I thank God for all of you. Thank you for sharing your beautiful country with us this week. We will miss it so much.....until we come back.

The Journey Home

On Sunday, the team is scheduled to leave Managua at 12:30pm on AA971.They are schedule to arrive in Miami at 5:10pm where they will clear customs and board their final flight. They depart from Miami at 8pm on AA1044. They are scheduled to arrive at O'Hare in Chicago at 10:10pm From O'Hare they will bus to Fox River Waukesha.

It will be a long day for them as they travel and continue to process all they experienced this week. It has been my joy to post the blogs Rosie sent to me as they were able to get word out about the team.

Thank you to all who supported the team financially and with your thoughts and prayers this week. Please know that you truly did make a great difference not only in their lives, but in all those they touched in Nicaragua.


A Word from Karen

Karen is the administrator of the clinic:This week has been the best week of my life in service to Christ. I have felt a deep connection to this team and they radiate the love of Christ. It is contagious! The people have seen this. The devil has worked against the clinic in the past and sometimes it feels like it's not worth the trouble. With our small staff sometimes it seems like too much. But this week God showed us that we are one body with many members working together for His purpose. Our principle objective has been to do a physical work and a spiritual work in a way we hadn't been able to accomplish yet. But this week, yes! It has been a privilege to serve God side by side this week. God has helped me to grow in Him this week. We have seen God at work this week through the teamwork of Fox River, La Esmeralda, the church and the clinic. I feel the joy of the Lord in what has been done this week. image Karen & her husband, Danny

A Word from Nicole

Nicole learned how to do stitches.4

A word from Nicole: This has been such an incredible week. I can't believe it's almost over. Everything has far surpassed my expectations, from the food (so delicious), to the 'cabin on the pond' where we stayed. Not to mention the staff and the people here. The doctor and nurses we worked with were beyond amazing. Such wonderful teachers full of knowledge! They seemed to know everything about everything. I've had a lot of great learning experiences here that I would never get back home. I've been a nurse, a doctor, a pharmacist and a playmate/friend for the children. It's also amazing to me how patient the people here are waiting for their care. Some of them will spend all day at the clinic. I'll be sad to leave, but I'm so grateful for all the people we were able to help and share God's love with!


Friday we packed up our suitcases before we left for the clinic. It was a little sad to be leaving our dorm, where we spent a lot of time this week bonding after our clinics each day. The women shared one bathroom and all slept in the same room. The same for the men's side. 1

Everyone enjoyed finishing up seeing all the patients in the morning. Before lunch, they took care of 87 patients and left no one waiting. 2

Julia made covers for exam tables that were torn. 3

Candy handing out layettes. 5

It was a little rainy today so it was nice to see people using the ponchos we brought. 6


And finally, saying good bye to the friends that we fell in love with. 8

A Word from Jim

Jim worked with Karen in the pharmacy to make sure the patients receive their medicine and directions on how to take it.13

A word from Jim: I came expecting to see people with healthcare needs and found so much more. The needs of the people here are very basic. Many of the health problems could be taken care of simply by giving out vitamins. I wish I had packed my suitcases with nothing but vitamins! I am also very moved by the love and servant mentality of the people from the local church towards their community and towards us.

A Word from Kevin

Art & Kevin worked together seeing patients today. What a great team!12

A word from Kevin: I now have first hand experience dealing with and treating individuals that make drinking coffee possible. The hardship of the lifestyle that these coffee farmers put themselves through to deliver such an amazing delicacy now brings significance to this entire trip and respect for the people that farm it so they we can enjoy it.