Commissioning and Packing

Are you ready to join us on our adventure!!  We now leave in just a few short days and are very excited to see how God uses this team.


Last weekend Fox River (all campuses) commissioned our Nicaragua team.  What a privilege it is to be sent and supported by our entire church body! 


Just to give you a glimpse of what a commissioning weekend looks like...  We start at our Waukesha campus for our Saturday night service and then again on Sunday morning, we then split our team to go to our Muskego and Waterford campuses. And do a little hopping back and forth.  3 campuses covering 6 services over the weekend! 


Two of the team members were willing to share about how it feels to know our church is praying...

Delaney- "The fact that we have so much support from our congregation and Pastors throughout our journey brings such comfort.  As we were praying the Holy Spirit really opened my eyes to the fact that complete strangers can pray for something directly for me and it still has impact.  I found comfort in this weekends commissioning and it also showed me how supportive a church family can truly be."


Heath- "Commissioning is important to me because it allows me to feel that the church and senior staff is supporting us and behind us. I'm excited to go on this trip and allow god to work through us aswe are there. Amen"


Packing day!!!

That's right, you heard me!  We are so close it's time we got our supplies in some suitcases!  

18 students and 9 adults!! 27 people = lots of luggage... and today we packed one bag of supplies for each team member!! 

As we have shared before packing day is a daunting task when you look at the piles of supplies we need to fit into our limited suitcases, but it always seems to work out!   


From bubbles to peanut butter we pack it all! 

As we zip up the final suitcases, and our trip approaching quickly, will you join us in prayer in this specific area? Prayers that all of our luggage makes the trip with us and is accounted for on the other side.