Go big or go home

The team finished the trip up to La Esmeralda this morning and hit the ground running!  They unpacked just enough to find their tools and got straight to work!  

One of our Mark’s (there are 5 of them 😱) shares a little bit about the first day... 

“Today was a great day.  We started off the morning with a delicious breakfast in Selva Negra, then we headed up to La Esmeralda where we will stay the rest of the week.  We unpacked the bus and grabbed the tools and equipment we needed, then got to work.


Pastor Denis explained the plan to us and then we started by moving a ton of dirt (Quite literally). Moving dirt to clear out the area the bathrooms will be and putting it in over by the children’s area to level the floor out.


We finished digging the hole for the septic tank to go and then started putting the columns in and setting them with cement.


We also cleared out some plants so that we can put in a sidewalk along the church. Then some more digging to have a foundation on the side.


Lunch was powerful today because I felt a great sense of community amongst all of us.“  -  Mark Potter


We can’t wait to hear all that God does in and through these guys!  Stay tuned because we hear tomorrow will bring something extra special!