Hear from Jenna

We would love for you to hear from our partner in Kenya, Jenna Nyanje.

"Habari Zenu!

(Hello Everyone)

I am a missionary sent by Fox River Christian Church and to be the administrator to one of the schools that we support, called Crossroads Academy located in the village of Vipingo.. This is my 3rd year in Kenya and my 2nd year administrating the schools. It also happens to be my 5th month married to one of God’s greatest provisions in my life, O’Neal. Life, if possible, looks 180 degrees differently than when I boarded a plane just three years ago!


Our plot of land has seen a new growth of some kind every year. Sometimes it takes bringing a new guest to our property, and hearing them say “Wow, this is a lot!”, to not get to comfortable with what our day to day life is out in Vipingo.

Our feeding center at the end of the day dishes about 850 plates of food, some of which are to children who rely on this food solely for their nutrition. Our classrooms sits 378 students in desks with resources and committed teachers, where most would have to attend crowded classrooms and even more would not attend school at all. Our Rescue Center, Life Springs, provides sole custody to 10 of the most incredible redemption stories that I could go on speaking about for days if no one stopped me. The Bible College houses on average 20 men who will be trained to go out and start their own churches in their villages. I say all of this because our ministry out there is like beehive – nothing ever sits still, some type of growth is always being seen, and it is BUSY!


My heart right now for my ministry in Kenya is to make sure that in this busy we don’t step over a diamond in the rough because were quickly going were we are needed.

I believe that we were designed to ache for God’s love and for heaven. I think God puts that in us from the very beginning. I can remember early in my life a hand full of people who loved God and because of their love for God, they loved me so well. It was then a beautiful introduction to later meet my Savior who I would devote my whole life to. That is what I so desperately want for my children in this school.  I pray daily for them, that they would see something beautiful on this campus and that it would be only an introduction to our Heavenly Father.

Many members of our Vipingo community come to the school to speak to me about needing help for their families. Sometimes, we can help them and other times we cannot. But they always leave our grounds being prayed for and encouraged if we can. May I always abide in God to see just when I am to make an introduction, to the Savior."

Please continue to pray for Jenna and her ministry in Kenya.