New KG class

Our schools are choosing which sweet kiddos will be the new kg1 class students.   

Jenna is going to share what that looks like at Crossroads Academy, Vipingo...

"Hi Everyone!
This is Jenna, Fox River's missionary to Kenya, and I wanted to give you just a brief update of how you could be praying for us.
The third term at Crossroads Academy brings a lot of ends as well as beginnings. Our oldest students in the 8th grade prepare for the BIG TEST that determines their high school and also wraps up there final year as a Crossroad student. This is very bitter sweet for us.
3rd term also brings in new beginning in the form of a fresh KG1 (first level of Kindergarten) to our school.
Waiting for interviews. 

Waiting for interviews. 

We informally refer to it as “the picking day”.
We put so much energy and intention into making sure that out of the 100ish families that show up with their school age child is reduced to a final 35 who are in MOST need.
It takes us the better part of the day. Their information is taken and interviews of each family are conducted by myself and a few other members of ‘the team’.
I wish I could tell you the effect that nutrition, education, and attention has on a child who’s resources are slim to none.  Families come through our church doors seeking a slot for their child who will get a consistent meal(s) throughout the day and an amazing free education – the process of reducing the crowd to a singular class size is not lost on me.
I look at our KG1 classroom right now as our school year wraps up and I hear them singing new songs and saying words in English.  I see them helping out there classmates and sitting in their small chairs listening to their teacher.  I’ve even watched a few of them accept Christ!  And I remember (somewhat fondly) the FIRST day they came to our school.  It was their first time away from their mothers and we had to make them porridge to sip out of plastic cups so that they would stop crying! Teaching didn’t begin for at least two weeks as they learned how to be in a classroom and to listen to a teacher.
That will all start again soon. A whole new classroom will be picked and a whole new beginning is greatly looked forward to by us all.
An education for these children in the Villages of Vipingo, Burani and Rea literally changes families lives.
We take each step seeking the wisdom of God and trusting that He will help us to pick well!
Amazing transformations are taking place out here – and we are excited to add to the family!"

We appreciate Jenna, our teachers, and administrators so very much.  For the hard work and dedication they give for these students!   

Will you pray with us as Friday approaches?

  • For the staff - That they would receive wisdom and peace as they make these decisions; for God to guide their hearts and minds...
  • For the kids-  That each child that comes recognizes how loved and wanted they are by our God!  That they come to school eager to learn. 
  • As much as we wish we could, we just don't have a spot for every child.  It is heartbreaking.  Will your pray for those children and their families?  Ask God to make himself known to them.