School Visits

The team has had a great day! It is so exciting to already see God moving in their hearts, and toward their Kenyan brothers and sisters. 

We had a very full day today, filled with visiting both schools in Vipingo and Bomani.  We were greeted right outside our bus, by hundreds of singing children.  Our students have worked so hard, and poured so much into being here, that the emotions were overwhelming. 

We were treated to programs that the students of Bomani and Vipingo, have spent months preparing for us. They had songs, dances, drama skits, choir performances, and Bible stories to share with us.  Getting just a little glimpse into their heart and culture today, was such a blessing to us. 

The students and team were given many opportunites to interact with the students and staff of both schools.  In Vipingo, we got to serve the kiddos their lunch and play with them in the courtyard of their school.  The students did an amazing job jumping right in with the Kenyan students, and showing them the love of Christ. In Bomani, we were given the opportunity to play their favorite game with them, volleyball.  Our team won 1 game, while the Kenya's won 2! The Kenyans take volleyball very seriously, and it was very fun to get to share in that with them! 

Please pray for us tomorrow, as we have Community Outreach Day, in Vipingo.  We are partnering with the staff of Vipingo, to reach over 3,000 people in the name of Jesus. Pray that lives are changed, and our team would continue to glorify God with all that we do! 

Thank you all so much for your support and prayers, we are so thankful for you!