Missions for Everyone

Missions.  This word might mean something different to everyone.  To some it is a trip they take, to others it is somewhere they give money, and others it is something they feel like they can’t be involved in.  This video shows different ways people have chosen to be involved in Missions...

Missions is something that everyone can be involved in.  No matter what age you are, what job you have, or how your health is.  Just because you can’t go on a trip, can’t support monetarily, or maybe there is something else keeping you from getting involved.  

Let me share with you all the ways you can support and be involved in Fox River Missions.


#1 PRAY!  Did you know that your prayer makes a difference?  Let me share a story with you...  

Scott, went on one of the construction trips (6 or 7 years ago) to build the medical clinic in La Esmeralda, Nicaragua while he was there he worked with the Nicaraguans from the community.  He made a decision that week to pray for one of them for the rest of his life.  Knowing that he may never know what came of this child’s life.  Years later, Scott, had the opportunity to go back to Nicaragua on a Medical team to work in the clinic.  One night a young man was sharing his story with the team.  A story of heartbreak and struggles, a story of a young man who decided to give up everything to follow God.  After he finished sharing his story, Scott was able to talk with him and share that even though in those trials it seemed he had been alone, he never was because, he was always praying for him.  Jorvin is now studying so that he can continue to dedicate his life to full time ministry!  Prayer changes lives!



#2 LIVE!  There are opportunities in 2018 for you to go and see first hand what God is doing in Kenya and Nicaragua.  I can tell you from personal experience that God is doing a great work and it is an honor to be involved in it.  Being there and seeing with your own eyes the life changing impact, is like nothing else in the world!  If you open yourself up to it God will bring you to a place where you will make life long friendships and lifechanging realizations about yourself and the way God wants to use you.  Join us!!!



 #3 GIVE!  Without those who give none of the ministry that is being done in Kenya through the schools and in Nicaragua through the clinic, would be possible.  Your money is literally giving people life, hope, and a future.  


In Kenya, the children who attend our schools are being fed  two meals a day, they are given clothes and shoes to wear, they are being educated, which gives them hope for their future, and they are hearing the Gospel and being saved through it!  We have over 800 students that we see growth in everyday!


In Nicaragua, through the clinic lives are being saved by having a place to go to see a Doctor. Women who are pregnant are able to go for regular check ups and some are giving birth in the clinic (a new baby just this past week!).  Since the opening of the clinic a substantial amount of lives have been saved just by the basic care of a Doctor and nurse that they would other wise go without.  The clinic has over 10,000 patient visits a year!  They not only get their physical needs met when they walk through the doors of the clinic, they will also hear the name of Jesus and how He can change their lives!  


That’s where your gifts are going! 


Our Pastors have encouraged us to Pray, Live, and Give in new ways this year!  Maybe, your ‘new ways’ will be through Missions!

Let’s build Momentum in Missions together because #TogetherWeGainMomentum!