The last day

As I sit here this morning after saying goodbyes my heart is full and yet so heavy.  This just never seams to get any easier. 

The students have experienced life change and are leaving pieces God has asked them to set down as well have pieces of their hearts.  We have students who have decided that their lives would be so much greater if they chose to follow Christ!!!

This week was full of spiritual warfare, yet God pulled us right on through!  He is so good to us! 


Yesterday we had a great day of celebration of the week!  We were able to take our Nica team on a fun and exciting day!  We went zip lining!!! So many faced some fears and jumped!  We then had a very long bus ride down to Managua!  After we made it to Managua we went to the port for some shopping and ended the night at Pizza Hut!  We had time to share what God had stirred up in each of us this week!  God fills this time with is presence and always leaves us in awe!  


We we are so grateful for our time here and even though we aren't ready to leave, we realize what God has done this week and we celebrate and take that with us as we go!  

We are waiting for the shuttle and we fly out around 12:30.  Will you pray for us?? 

Our hearts are heavy, we are still tired, health and safety... it's a very long day of travel and at this point we are ready to be home.

See you soon!