The Team Has Arrived

The team has arrived!

Hear from Jessie:

After 26ish hrs of traveling we all made it- all of our bags maybe not so much but 18 out of 20 is not too bad of odds! 
After a much needed shower and laying down for a few moments- we went off to sort all of the supply bags and prepare for our activities today at Crossroads Vipingo.

Jenna and O’Neal came to do our orientation and help us know what to expect for the next week as we serve with our partners here in Kenya. This trip is not an experience but an opportunity to be part of something. O’Neal challenged us to journal and ask ourself three questions:

  1. What has God placed on your heart today?
  2. How did you see God work today?

  3. What is one thing you can take to heaven with you? Other people! 

Denise shares:

We hit the ground running after the team came in today. We came back to the hotel to shower and get set for the day. The day started with an orientation meeting with our missionary’s, O’Neal and Jenna Nyanje; learning about Kenyan culture, their experiences here, what God is doing in Kenya and how Fox River is making an impact.

The afternoon was spent at Vipingo where we watched our kids sing, got to know the staff and learn about the center. It was a great time of team building and getting to know our Kenyan partners. Then we made our way over to Life Spring where we got to show God’s love to all the little blessings in the center.

The team hung in there until about 5pm when we left Vipingo. It was down hill for most of them after that. We made a stop at Tuskys (Kenyan Walmart) to pick up a few things. It was probably the fastest we have ever had a team in and out! They all headed to bed early tonight. Pray that they all get a good night's sleep and their body clocks change over quickly.