We have arrived!!

We had our ups and downs of travel today, but we have made it to Selva Negra for the night!

We have definitely seen the path God has prepared for us and have felt your prayers throughout our travel. 

We had a couple overweight scares at checking this morning but were able to shuffle things a bit and slide by (Leigh's two checked bags weighed in at 99.5lbs out of the possible 100lbs)!  We had to make a quick dash through the Miami airport to make our connecting flight (our first flight landed 30 minutes late)!  Then we arrived at the Managua airport with two suitcases missing and had several of our bags checked at customs... We were able to track the missing cases down and make it through with all of our stuff!!! 

We we had the opportunity while waiting for the bags to arrive to go and visit the Managua church and some of our friends!  We had the chance to meet a missions team from Iawo while at the church, we worked together to load up some rice to take up the mountain with us for their feeding center.  It's cool to be able to work alongside so many others for the same goal, sharing the Love of Jesus!


Tonight we are completely exhausted, ready for a shower, and a bed to get a good night sleep in. We will finish our treck up the mountain to La Esmeralda in the morning!  Please be praying for our motion sickness team members as this will be the most difficult part of the trip for them!  

#Davidteam #Nica2015