Where does the money go?

It's a safe bet that you've heard about the International Missions that Fox River supports in Kenya and Nicaragua (especially considering the fact that you're reading our blog). 

You may have heard about Fox River Missions in a weekend service at Christmas time when we talk about My Gift for Jesus. Perhaps you've had a friend go on a missions trip and you followed their journey on this very blog. Maybe you're even considering partnering with us by financially supporting the missions.

But have you ever wondered, "Where does the money go? What does Fox River actually do in Kenya and Nicaragua?"

Glad you asked.


  • Partner with churches in La Esmeralda to bring the love of Jesus to their community
  • Build and staff a medical clinic that sees about 10,000 patient visits per year
  • Created and organize a sports program to reach youth in La Esmeralda and surrounding communities


  • Partner with churches in Vipingo and Bomani, two villages north of Mombasa, to bring the love of Jesus to their people
  • Build and staff two K-8 schools that provide an excellent education
  • Serve two meals each day to students on school days 
  • Provide basic medical care for students age 3 through grade 8
  • Bring free clean water offered to the communities surrounding the schools
  • Offer literacy classes to adults in the villages 
  • Fund a farm project to provide milk to the school children

God is certainly at work in Nicaragua and Kenya and we are excited to be a part of what He's doing there. Whether you are praying with us for the people we serve or are ready to join us in financially supporting these missions, you are touching lives around the world and serving Jesus himself as He said:

Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.
— Matthew 25:40