shine a light in the darkness.

You can provide clean, bright light to the students in our schools and help the Kenya Missions team get to their destination.

Our students need light. We can help.

Most of the students in our schools don't have electricity in their homes. Some of them can afford to get a kerosene lamp that may provide a dim light, but those lamps also  emit toxic fumes that can cause respiratory illness.

For a donation of $20, you can provide a student with a clean, solar-powered light they can use for getting ready in the morning, doing chores after school, and studying. Many of our students must leave home before the morning light and do not get to their homework until after dark. These solar lights will make a big difference in their daily lives. 

you can help the missions team, too.

A portion of every solar lamp purchased goes toward helping our Kenya Missions team get to Kenya this summer to distribute the lamps, in addition to all the other work they will do there.

will you help spread the light?

You can donate via e-Giving by typing the amount in the Special Gifts area and specifying Solar Lights

You can also donate at the booth after weekend services at any Fox River campus during the month of April.