God is at work in Bomani and Vipingo, Kenya


New Life Academy in Bomani

Bomani is a 35 minute drive north of Mombasa on the coast of Kenya. The ministry in Bomani centers around the primary school, New Life Academy, but also includes a nutrition center, a church, and a well that provides clean drinking water to the community. The nutrition center provides a hot meal for all the students on school days, often their only daily meal. The church provides weekly worship services, Bible studies that are open to the entire community, and an adult literacy program. 

Crossroads Academy in Vipingo

Vipingo is a one hour drive north of Mombasa. The ministry in Vipingo centers around Crossroads Academy Primary School, but also includes a nutrition center where our students eat lunch, a church, and a well that provides clean water to the community. Vipingo is also home to Crossroads Bible Institute, a three-year training program for national pastors. The men who pastor the ministries in Vipingo and Bomani are graduates of this Bible College. Graduates pastor over 120 churches in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Zaire, Rwanda and other countries.

What God has already done

  • Two K-8 Primary Schools with 800 students across two villages

  • Partnership with a Christian high school where 140 of our primary school graduates attend

  • Nutrition centers providing hot meals to each student, often their only daily meal

  • Wells with clean drinking water and clean bathroom facilities for students and staff

  • Farming project in Bomani

  • Adult Literacy Program in Bomani to educate the people in that village

  • Textbooks, classroom supplies, and educational aids for teachers

Join us in what God is doing in Kenya