Change a heart, Change the world.

Children at Vipingo
We started talking about taking a trip to Kenya last November and people started signing up. June seemed forever away, but the time has quickly come. Two weeks from today the team will be boarding a plane for Kenya, Africa.

Pastor Mark spoke to the team at our last team meeting about the great needs we are going to see when we get to Kenya; how we will want to reach out and fill each one of those needs. He went on to say that we have all been called for different reasons, but all for one purpose: to put a touch of love on someone. As the team is in Kenya they won’t be able to fill all the needs they see and that is going to be really hard to deal with at times but as Pastor Mark said, “We are going to show Christ love, spread the light that only He can give.”

At Fox River our mission statement has three hearts- a voice of hope- know by love- living by faith. It brought Pastor Mark’s challenge home. We can’t do it all. We can’t fix it all. At times all we can do is hold a child’s hand to help them know they are loved; changing a child’s heart for Him and through that they can start to help change the world around them.

I put together a short video to give you an idea of what the team will be doing and to show you how we have see hearts being impacted and changed over the years because of people like you praying, giving and supporting your loved ones as they go serve the mission that God is doing in Kenya. Thank you for helping change a heart!

Link to video:

Change a heart, Change the world.