2014 - Nicaragua Young Adult

A Look Back

As the Nicaragua 2015 team prepares to leave tomorrow, we're taking a look back at highlights from last years's Nicaragua Mission Trip.

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Nicaragua Team Heading Home

Yesterday/Saturday they made the long trip down the mountain and then on to the Managua area for some recreation, shopping and American style pizza. The team members who struggle with motion sickness all rode in the truck and made the journey just fine. Thank you for praying for them! Last night they spent the night in a hotel near the airport. At this time their flights home are on time.

1st flight:

AA1252 departs Managua at 11:30am and arrives in Miami at 4:10pm where they will clear passport control and customs. The flight is only about 3 hours, but there is a +2 hour time difference.

2nd flight:

AA1618 departs Miami at 6:30pm and arrives at O'Hare in Chicago at 8:45pm. This flight is just over 2.5 hours.

If the flights are on time and all goes well with luggage, the team should be at the Fox River Waukesha campus around 11pm

Please pray for them as they journey home!


Friday in Nicaragua

The team enjoyed their last day on the mountain today as they provided fun activities for those waiting to see the doctor at the clinic. In the afternoon they were privileged to help give out some of the boots provided through the Fox River fundraiser. Those boots are an incredible blessing to each one who received a pair. Proper footwear is so important to help prevent many diseases and proper footwear in the cloud forest is boots. While not much money by American standards, they are out of the price range of many we minister to in La Esmeralda. This evening they had one last opportunity to share their My Story books and packed the bus because at 7am tomorrow/Saturday, they will load the bus for the trip down the mountain to begin their journey home. There are several on the trip who struggle with motion sickness. The main road is being repaired so they have to take a route down that takes about twice as long. There is another long journey once they are off the mountain and hit the main highway. Please pray that they will be able to avoid severe motion sickness so they can enjoy the rest of the day.

The team will go to a large lake in a volcano to enjoy some recreation and a final meeting before they head to the hotel by the airport and prepare to fly home on Sunday morning.

Please pray for them as they continue to process through all that God is showing them and doing through them because they have taken this journey. Pray for those on the mountain who have come to love them and have been touched by their acts of service. Pray for safety as they begin their journey home.

I know each one is anxious to share their story with you. You are an important part of their journey.

Thank you!

Wednesday in Nicaragua

Today was another great day in Nicaragua. This morning they held VBS in a small one room school in one of the communities a bit farther way from La Esmeralda. They were told to expect 50 students, but planned for 75 just in case. Because of the small building and nice weather, they held all of their activities outside. That drew a crowd and by the end of their time they did 150 crafts with the children while another 50+ adults watched the games, songs and Bible story. What a blessing! The afternoon found them walking through this hills hanging mosquito nets. They heard some great stories about the impact this act of service and generosity had on the community. Thank you to all of you who purchased a net to hang in a needy home!

This evening they walked to Don Hugo's home for a bon fire and more sharing of the My Story books.

Tomorrow, Thursday, they will hold their final VBS in a neighboring school. Lunch will be by the waterfall after which I'm sure there will be some swimming. It's beautiful there! They will get cleaned up for the evening service in which Brent will be preaching. Please pray for him as he will be working with a translator. I'm sure it will be a great evening!

Thank you for being a part of this journey through your support and prayer!


The Kids and The Partners

Photo Aug 10, 4 19 10 PM Photo Aug 11, 1 01 56 PM Photo Aug 11, 3 19 09 PM Photo Aug 11, 9 54 03 AM Photo Aug 12, 8 46 01 AM  Photo Aug 12, 9 25 16 AM Photo Aug 12, 9 41 04 AM Photo Aug 12, 9 45 49 AM Photo Aug 12, 11 00 58 AM Photo Aug 11, 9 49 45 AMPhoto Aug 12, 9 34 46 AM Pastor Dennis and his wife Karin

Photo Aug 10, 9 27 29 AM

Don Hugo: as a coffee farm owner he pastored the church for many years and prayed for God to provide the clinic. He is a Godly community leader and our friend! (yes, he does like to have fun!)

Photo Aug 11, 6 06 47 PM

Donna Woodson is one of our missionaries to Nicaragua and the organizer of our trips. Louis is our bus driver and always considered one of our team. Driving that bus up and down the mountain is hard work. A few years ago the teens nicknamed him the "bus ninja."

Photo Aug 11, 1 48 48 PM

Nicaragua - My Story

One of the things the team did to help them build relationships and share their God story was to create a My Story booklet with pictures of their life. They have already been able to use them to share their story with new friends in Nicaragua. The church in La Esmeralda has a strong team of young leaders who are connecting with our team of young leaders to encourage and challenge each other. The Nicaragua team surprised our group by creating their own My Story books to share and had them translated into English.

Photo Aug 10, 4 25 01 PM Photo Aug 10, 11 44 52 AM Photo Aug 11, 1 19 17 PM Photo Aug 11, 4 41 18 PM


Life for the Nicaragua Team

The church people built stairs leading to the Morena House to make it easier for the team to haul supplies up the hill.

Photo Aug 10, 10 51 15 AM Photo Aug 10, 1 19 24 PM Photo Aug 10, 1 19 17 PM Photo Aug 10, 12 32 45 PM

Meals are prepared in the clinic kitchen and served in the pavilion on the clinic grounds. Even eating is an adventure!

Photo Aug 10, 12 00 06 PM Photo Aug 11, 1 15 08 PM Photo Aug 11, 7 17 41 AM Photo Aug 11, 7 18 07 AM Photo Aug 11, 7 38 28 AMPhoto Aug 09, 5 51 02 PM

Preparing for activities:

Photo Aug 10, 6 41 18 PM Photo Aug 10, 6 51 07 PM Photo Aug 11, 4 22 18 PM Photo Aug 11, 10 33 44 AM Photo Aug 12, 7 58 40 AM

The bus ride up the mountain and to neighboring communities for outreach events is always an adventure!

Photo Aug 09, 3 31 36 PM

La Esmerald is in a cloud forest for the team is learning to live with the jungle creatures.

Photo Aug 12, 9 30 16 AM Photo Aug 12, 5 54 44 AM

Thankful for the doc when we need to have something checked out!

Photo Aug 12, 9 20 08 AM Photo Aug 12, 9 23 47 AM