Nicaragua Team Heading Home

Yesterday/Saturday they made the long trip down the mountain and then on to the Managua area for some recreation, shopping and American style pizza. The team members who struggle with motion sickness all rode in the truck and made the journey just fine. Thank you for praying for them! Last night they spent the night in a hotel near the airport. At this time their flights home are on time.

1st flight:

AA1252 departs Managua at 11:30am and arrives in Miami at 4:10pm where they will clear passport control and customs. The flight is only about 3 hours, but there is a +2 hour time difference.

2nd flight:

AA1618 departs Miami at 6:30pm and arrives at O'Hare in Chicago at 8:45pm. This flight is just over 2.5 hours.

If the flights are on time and all goes well with luggage, the team should be at the Fox River Waukesha campus around 11pm

Please pray for them as they journey home!