2017 Nicaragua- Student team

#FRStudentsInNicaragua 2017

Oh the wrap up...  So many things to share, not enough words to even scratch the surface.


We have been home for just under a week and as we try to grasp at all we have experienced the emotions still run high! 

The Spiritual warfare was real on this trip.  Every turn we made there would be another obstacle to face.  Many things could have broken our team, many moments could have been over taken by fear, sickness, rain, mud, bugs, trees and power lines, etc... but God walked right beside us the entire time.  OUR GOD SHOWS UP!!!  He never ever ceases to leave us in awe as we walk through these trips and I wouldn't want it any other way!  In awe of how our Creator works is a really cool place to be! 


With spiritual warfare you better believe there is Kingdom work being done! 

We take a yearly trip to encourage and fuel the ministry that exists there on a daily basis.  We go and we partner with the clinic and the church in La Esmeralda!  We go with them as they do their ministry in their communities!  God is doing great things in this place through some very special people!


Fox River Students are awesome!!!  They jumped in feet first to all that God had in store for them. From handing out hygiene packs to playing games with the kiddos at the schools, the students were there and ready to show God's love. They didn't allow language to stop them from building relationships and walked away knowing that our God has no language!  Many students stepped out of their comfort zones on this trip and saw how faithful God was to meet them there and do work in and through their lives. 


Our prayer is that each of these students has walked away knowing who God is and how he works in their lives! 

As I sit here writing I wonder what 'those' numbers are... how many gave their lives to Christ, how many hygiene packs were given, how many kiddos were at VBS, teens at teen outreaches... and so on.  Are the numbers what really matter?  Do we really need to know the exact number? The people matter, the numbers do not!  I fully believe that this team made an impact, this team fought the good fight, this team conquered fears, this team FOLLOWED!  I believe that our God knows the numbers and that He has multiplied that since we have come and gone!  There are numbers, I just don't know them and tonight I'm okay with that!  One day we will stand next to the lives that were changed this week!!

As you have read before, coming off of trips is an emotional roller coaster, and this year is no exception.  As a leader I help others process and then will take my turn.  I don't know what it is about this year, but it wrecked me!  I can pin point the spot, the moment, the hour that I walked away from my heart.  It is still sitting in that place right now... leaning up against the motorcycle in front of the church as I watched my team take in the last moments of this trip. This spot brings so much peace, somewhere I undoubtedly feel the presence of God!  Needless to say, I don't feel whole.  Maybe this year this place took the remaining pieces of my heart that it didn't already have, maybe God is stirring up something inside me. Through the privilege of following Christ comes the heartache for His work!  Until He tells me otherwise I will continue leading teams over to share in the experience of joy that this place brings me!  It never gets old! 


As we recoup, as we work through our feelings, as we strive to make the changes God has asked of us... Will you pray for us?  Will you pray for those kiddos, teens, families... that we crossed paths with?  Will you pray for Pastor Denis and his team?  Pray for the ministry of the clinic and church in La Esmeralda?

Fox River has a home in La Esmeralda, Nicaragua!  Just let us know when you are ready to go visit with us!



Commissioning and Packing

Are you ready to join us on our adventure!!  We now leave in just a few short days and are very excited to see how God uses this team.


Last weekend Fox River (all campuses) commissioned our Nicaragua team.  What a privilege it is to be sent and supported by our entire church body! 


Just to give you a glimpse of what a commissioning weekend looks like...  We start at our Waukesha campus for our Saturday night service and then again on Sunday morning, we then split our team to go to our Muskego and Waterford campuses. And do a little hopping back and forth.  3 campuses covering 6 services over the weekend! 


Two of the team members were willing to share about how it feels to know our church is praying...

Delaney- "The fact that we have so much support from our congregation and Pastors throughout our journey brings such comfort.  As we were praying the Holy Spirit really opened my eyes to the fact that complete strangers can pray for something directly for me and it still has impact.  I found comfort in this weekends commissioning and it also showed me how supportive a church family can truly be."


Heath- "Commissioning is important to me because it allows me to feel that the church and senior staff is supporting us and behind us. I'm excited to go on this trip and allow god to work through us aswe are there. Amen"


Packing day!!!

That's right, you heard me!  We are so close it's time we got our supplies in some suitcases!  

18 students and 9 adults!! 27 people = lots of luggage... and today we packed one bag of supplies for each team member!! 

As we have shared before packing day is a daunting task when you look at the piles of supplies we need to fit into our limited suitcases, but it always seems to work out!   


From bubbles to peanut butter we pack it all! 

As we zip up the final suitcases, and our trip approaching quickly, will you join us in prayer in this specific area? Prayers that all of our luggage makes the trip with us and is accounted for on the other side.