1,500 shoes

After a good night sleep for most of the team we started the day off with orientation. The challenge was placed before us to be great and serve - today we got the chance to put that in to practice fist hand. We then went the Government school in Bomani giving out all the shoes you guys help raised for the school. To be able to go and hand out over 1,500 pairs of shoes in 3 hours was really good. The team as been amazing with rolling with changes! We got to the school thinking that the shoes were sorted in the bags by size and it turns out they were not. We had to have operation sort 2,400 shoes! After a few casualties of some miss fit shoes we were on our way to the first classes. It was a bit of a rocky start but soon they were in the rhythm and done before lunch! Have you ever wondered what 1,500 pairs of shoes looks like? Here you go...

After we went over to Bomani to hear our kids sing and spent time playing with them. We had an amazing lunch prepared specially for us- yum! The afternoon went so fast we spent some time with our Kenyan team doing some team building. It was exciting to see the new connections and friendships come to life.

We went to the store on the way home because unfortunately we are still missing the bags. We did get word that 9 out of the 26 bags should be on a flight here in the morning. Please continue to pray for them to get here. We really need them for the events we have planed for the weekend not to mention that the team would really like to have their cloths!


20120621-070502.jpg In our hotel at orientation

20120621-071802.jpg This Is the shoe team

20120621-071930.jpg At the Gov school working through the shoes

Shoe teams and there class's










20120621-073044.jpg Serving lunch to our kids at Bomani


Ron was helping out the cooks. (that is rice)

20120621-073234.jpg Having lunch with our kids.

20120621-073316.jpg There is nothing like Ann's cooking!

20120621-073437.jpg Time with our staff.

20120621-073519.jpg Kenyan M&M anyone?