Showers of blessing

As the day first started it was nice and cool, but low and behold, another rainy day. In times like these it is very easy to get disappointed in not being able to do what was planned for part of the day, but instead of letting the rain get the team down, we rolled with it and pushed through. We went to the Government school today in hopes of presenting the school with new desks but instead found ourselves trying to find cover from the rain. Some still did end up taking full advantage of the moment by running in the rain with the children, taking pictures, and having conversations under the protection of a tree. The Government school is always an amazing sight to see because the school has roughly 1200 students with over 50 in a classroom….and the rooms are so quite when learning is going on that you could hear a pin drop. What is even crazier is that an average of 20 of these students a year get into high school.After we left the Government School the team headed on back to Bomani to eat lunch with the 6th graders before we left to go on the field trip to the zoo (where we would later meet of with the 6th graders of Vipingo). Crazy huh? In America the zoos are filled with tons of African animals, so what would you expect from an African zoo? Surprisingly it was an incredible experience and you could actually get closer to the animals than you would on a safari. The best part of going on this field trip was the fact that for every two members of the team (including the Manna group) three 6th grade students tagged along with them. The team was so thrilled to get the chance to have more one on one interaction with the students and were able hold some incredible conversations with them since their English was very good. I think many of the team would agree that the highlight of today would be the relationships built today with the students .


Walking to the Government school.


Hanging out waiting for the rain to stop


Amanda was running with the kids in the rain!



Dr. Guy and pastor Abraham praying over the teachers at the government school.