The Road Home

I didn't receive an update yesterday, but I wanted to let you know what today and tomorrow should look like for the team. Yesterday was their last day in La Esmeralda. I'm sure last night was emotional for them as they said their final goodbyes to their new friends. The teens in Nicaragua work during the week days and go to school on the weekends so they will not see them today before they depart. This morning the team will pack up and head down the mountain. It will take them about 3 hours to drive back to the Managua area. Today is planned for them to travel, have some fun, debrief and begin the transition to returning home.

They will visit an inactive volcano, do some shopping and will spend the night in a hotel near the airport. It will be 91 degrees in Managua today so they will have the opportunity to warm up, dry out, take a hot shower, eat pizza for supper and sleep in a good bed. I can already feel the enjoyment!

Tomorrow they fly out early to begin the journey home. Their flight itinerary on American Airlines is: #AA994 Depart from Managua: 7:15am Arrive in Miami: 11:55am (2:40 duration) #AA1617 Depart Miami: 3:25pm Arrive Chicago O’Hare: 5:50pm (3:25 duration)

If all goes well with their flights home, the bus will meet them at O'Hare and have them back at the Fox River Waukesha campus around 8pm. If there are significant delays, I will post updates here.

They have lived an incredible adventure. Please pray for them as they transition back into their lives at home. They will experience many conflicting emotions as God continues to work in them as a result of what they have experienced in Nicaragua. They are blessed to have you standing behind them!