1The Fox River Clinic in La Esmeralda.

Day two began with a yummy pancake and Oreo cookie breakfast. Yes, that's what I said. :) We began seeing patients today around 8:00 and the team was off and running.

2 Michelle enjoying the intake process and all of the cuties. 3 Steve entertaining the kids waiting in the intake area. 4 Jan & Art worked together today, seeing many interesting cases. 5 The well deserved "Tongue Depressor" award goes to Jodie today. Jodie went so far out of the box today. She saw OB patients and did pelvic exams and learned how to do sutures. Great job, Jodie! I know she will have so many great memories from this trip!

6 Jodie, Kevin, Jan & Art

Look away if you're squeamish..... 9



10 Kevin also got to learn how to do sutures.

11 Mark & Bev helped Jim in the pharmacy.

12 Nicole worked with Dr. Centeno today and then helped in the pharmacy. This little sweetie is one year old. He had high bilirubin levels at birth that didn't resolve resulting in oxygen deprivation and ended in brain injury. He goes to Managua weekly for therapy. Although he is healthy medically, he will not meet normal milestones and will likely not talk or walk. He is so precious!

13 The team worked so well today. The flow of the clinic was well established by the Nicaraguan team, and we all worked together to see 185 people today. We were all so grateful to be able to help so many people!