Vipingo fun day!

The nest few days we will have guest bloggers. Today we have Gina writing for us. It was our big day today in Vipingo! Working with our 6th and 7th graders teaching them leadership skills and rolling out a VBS for all the children there. Some of the activities we did with the children singing, dancing, acting out bible stories, crafts with lots of glitter, throwing water balloons outside, lots of different games and classroom activities! So many things to do and the team came around these children helping them and just having a fun exhausting day !!!! So many laughs and smiling faces from our group and the kids! But sadly it had to end sooner or later, saying goodbye to our kids at Vipingo was hard to do but each one of the team members showed love in one way or the other by holding hands, playing games,and just taking time to find out about each child's story. Many tears we're had by all but friendships have been made and lives have been changed by being that voice of hope.

Personally for me worshipping with the kids and singing God's Not Dead was my hi light. Hearing these kids with their cute African accents singing their hearts out praising our God, it doesn't matter where you live or what color our skin is God is accessible for anyone who believes in Him.