Medical clinic in Tiwi

Today (Friday) we spent the day at missionary Jim Horne's school in Tiwi. It is a nice campus with classes up to 8th grade. Recently there was a medical clinic added to the campus that serves the area. Last month they served over 600 people. It seems to me that since the clinic has been operating, the health of the people has improved. We saw 659 patients today and the overall health seems to be improved based on fewer medicines prescribed and a smaller number of patients compared to the last few years. Many vitamins were given out and quality patient interaction! And yes, there were some really cute babies! DSC_2489



Again it was our pleasure working beside the Kenyan team. As a thank you to them for their time and dedication, we presented them with a small gift of a sports towel. As you can see they loved it!
















A word from Cheryl: Coastal Kenya is a beautiful tropical land with the most beautiful, kind hearted people anywhere. Mixed in with the palm trees and flowering tropical bushes along the streets are horrible slums with ragged clothed adults and children walking along uneven dirt paths or sitting outside of their tin or straw roofed shacks, sometimes with only half walls of sticks. I am blessed and changed for saying a "yes" to Jesus when I turned in the card Biblically challenging us to do so. I needed to do something that was out of my comfort zone, for His people I knew nothing about that would make me just trust in Him. Tuesday we went to another of the Christian supported school complexes to be hands and feet of Jesus. I will remember this picture of the day and of Kenya in General. From one side of the building we worked in you could see the children playing outside, eating a prepared meal together, coming by us for high fives and while waiting in line patiently, they sang for us. On the other side of the building out of view of this I saw 2 of our workers praying with mom and her 8yr old boy with a badly crippled foot turned on its side and bent 45 degrees inward. He had never been to school and they had no food that day as they had no means for either. They just stared ahead meekly as they ate the peanut butter on a few crackers we gave them. Our Kenyan helper passionately shared the truths of God's love for us in Jesus' saving grace with them and Mom said "yes" to accepting Jesus. The local church will follow up with her. I will go back home . My beloved Kenyan friends will stay to continually serve here. They are passionate, humble servants who have taught me much.