Perani & Tumaini clinic day

Today we split the team up and headed to 2 schools, overseen by missionary Jim Horne. We split the medications and supplies up as well. At Perani they saw 302 people and dental saw over 125. In Perani we tend to see more patients but we were told that there were 2 funerals in the area so we would not see as many adult patients. This held true. At Tumaini, we tended to 320 people. Many doses of Albendazole were administered, and many vitamins were given out. For those two things, I am most grateful to be able to provide. It was a shorter day, packing up at 4:00 and heading back to reach Mombasa by dark.
We love Dr. Beverly! DSC_2574












And another very important mission, providing shoes to those who do not have them. Some very sad conditions are due to lack of shoes.








A word from Amy:
I am so enjoying learning from all the Kenyans. Each day has been a blessing, but one moment that I will hold onto is when a mom brought her baby with a piece of cloth wrapped around his little wrist with a stone or "charm" on it. It was from the witchdoctor and said to protect him. Clinton was sick and in need of medicine but mom was leary about allowing me to cut off this fabric. Another team member had one of Fox River's Hope, Love and Faith bracelets on and allowed me to give it to mom (Asha) and baby, introducing Jesus to her and allowing Upendo, Tumaini & Imani to take the place of this charm.

A word from Katie:
Jer. 29:11 says "For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." I am especially glad that God already had a set plan for me on this trip. Although I really didn't know what to expect, I had a picture painted in my head for what the trip would look like and specifically my role as a pharmacist. When we began to set up the first day that picture went out the window and organized chaos commenced. I have learned so much about how to operate with just the basics, new names for drugs, and new dosing for different health conditions. God has stretched me in so many ways and for that I am grateful. My heart would rather be loving on the little children all day, I am glad God called me to use my talents to help run the pharmacy and to be able to make life as easy as possible during the day for all of the clinical officers, nurses & doctors.

I would like to add that Katie was a huge blessing to this mission. She worked with a smile on her face during the most demanding times. She was so patient, kind and flexible (the most important of all - flexible) and was the perfect person we needed to run the pharmacy. Her knowledge and dedication was so valuable, and her ability to make adjustments where needed. I am grateful for her and her husband Chris (master statistics recorder)!