A "Big Day" Story

Ginger's story from Sunday's outreach at Bomani:

As we stood amid thousands of people in the middle of the school grounds celebrating what the locals call “the big day,” our sponsor child’s father stood there with an expression that words cannot describe. 

His appreciation was clearly evident but what surprised us was what he said next.  Without prompting, he said “I am not a saved man, but you (pointing to my husband) are ambassadors of God and my son (pointing to our sponsored student) tells me about Jesus.

In that moment everything that we do, everything that Fox River is doing, and all that we will do by the grace of God in the future came to a point where I could clearly see the difference we are making! 

Here is a man who otherwise would not hear about Jesus standing before us telling us that we were ambassadors of God!  It was humbling to say the least!  And to know that our sponsored student was empowered to continually share about Jesus with his father was so encouraging!

Sometimes it’s easy to think that what we do does not make a difference - especially when you are half way around the world. However, in that moment, the sum of all it takes to bring us face-to-face with the father of a grade 7 student at a Fox River school in a far away place called Bomani became clearly evident. 

We could see how simple choices from foregoing expensive coffee to praying for the student whenever we see his picture on the refrigerator, laid the foundation for us to make the 20 hour journey to get here to show God’s love to these students and their families and that with the collective prayers and support of all those who can’t “go,” we can change the trajectory of entire family!

What we do does matter.  Not because of what we do but because of WHO He is and What He did! 

This father is not yet ready to give his heart to Christ, but He sees something different and he knows it is God.  Our prayer now is that God will use us to plant and water seeds that will one day (hopefully soon) bring him to ask Jesus into his heart.

Sponsored student with his brother.

Sponsored student with his brother.