Adjusted Kenya Schedule

This has been a wild ride! I know that God is not surprised by the event in Turkey that caused our team to be rerouted. He intends to bring good out of all of this and I cannot wait to have them here in Kenya to begin to see that plan unfold! We are all humbled and grateful for your support and prayer.

I have worked with our partners in Kenya to devise a new itinerary for the next few days. During this time that I have waited for the arrival of our team, I have been blessed to spend time with a family of four who came to Kenya to spend this first week with our team. Their daughter spent 3 months in Kenya when she was 16 and returned with a passion for what God was doing in this place that drew her to prepare to return to Kenya one day as a missionary. But God had other plans. In that year after her return she was killed in a car accident. Her family has traveled to serve as she served and learn about this place that captured her heart. It has been a joy to get to know them!

Here is the adjusted schedule:

*remember they are 8 hours ahead of us

  • *Today/Wednesday, July 20: Group A arrives at 7:30am after 28 hours of travel. We will take the Bomani class 8 students to Hallar Park zoo for the afternoon. 
  • Tomorrow/Thursday, July 21: Group B arrives at 7:30am after 28 hours of travel. We will go to Bomani with the same activities that were planned for Wednesday: visit government school, go to our school, New Life Academy, to hear children's presentations, tour the school, serve lunch to the children and have fun activities with the staff.
  • Friday, July 22: In the morning we will visit one of our students who is in a school for special needs students then travel to visit our students who are in the MANNA high school. In the afternoon we will go to Vipingo for the scheduled events we had planned for Tuesday afternoon.
  • Saturday, July 23: The community outreach day at Vipingo - no change.
  • Sunday, July 24: Church at Crossroads Fellowship - Jim Horne's church. Afternoon community outreach in Bomani.
  • Monday, July 25: Leadership training with class 7 in both schools in the morning. Class 8 from Vipingo to Hallar Park zoo in the afternoon.
  • Tuesday, July 26: Fun day with Vipingo students.
  • Wednesday, July 27: Fun day with Bomani students. 
  • Thursday & Friday: Safari
  • Friday evening: Group A departs
  • Saturday evening: Group B departs

These next couple of days are going to be very taxing for the team because of a lack of sleep. Please join me in praying that they will get the rest they need to do what God has brought them here to do. Thank you!