Fort Jesus : Class 8 Field Trip

Today was a busy day, filled with relationship building! 

We started the day off at Fort Jesus with Class 8, from both Vipingo and Bomani schools. Fort Jesus is a Military Fort, turned prison, turned museum. We broke into groups, Americans and Kenyans and took tours together. It was fun to get to walk around with the students and learn more about their lives. It was also amazing to get to experience more of their culture with them, and learn alongside of them. It is a place filled with Kenyan history and culture. 

On the way home Pastor Guy brought us the most amazing homemade potato chips any of us have ever had. It was a wonderful treat! 

We then headed off to Crossroads Fellowship to help get ready for outreach night. We swept, set up chairs, hung lights and got the stage ready. We were so thankful  to work alongside their youth and team, to get the church ready for this event. 

We jetted off to the hotel for quick showers, and back to Crossroads Fellowship for Youth Outreach, Talent Night. There were many amazing Kenyan and American talents that we got to watch, and O'Neal gave an amazing challenge to the group that had gathered there. We had authentic  Swahili food for dinner, it was so delicious! 

Pray for our team as many are still feeling ill. 

Tomorrow we have another community outreach at Butterfly Park. Please pray that we can share the love of Jesus with the youth that God brings there with us! 

Thank you for praying! 

We love you!