Growth in Nicaragua

We love sharing what God is doing through Fox River Missions.  He is at work in many ways in the places He led us to invest in,  and we are so blessed to have a front row seat to watch His plans unfold.

God called Fox River to build and support the Medical clinic in La Esmeralda.   We are so glad He did, because we have seen the ministry that comes from that.  Through this partnership, we have come to love these amazing people and watching God move in the ministries they get to do.

Fox River is a part of some of those ministries, and has been called to help move them forward. 

Let us set this up for you…  La Esmeralda is up in a cloud forest in the Mountains of Nicaragua.  They are over an hour out of the closest city; very, very rural (you cannot find it on the map).  Very few of them have transportation, most all of them walk to where they need to go.   La Esmeralda is one of many communities up in the mountains.  People from these communities either come to La Esmeralda for church or they don’t go because it us just too far to walk. 


The church in La Esmeralda is growing and thriving. Pastor Denis and his team see this and are encouraged by this!  They also go into the surrounding communities and have bible studies with children and adults.  Las Nubes is one of those communities.  The church there is growing at rapid pace, and they have outgrown the homes they were meeting in. They are ready for a building of their own. By bus it takes about 30 minutes from La Esmeralda to get to Las Nubes, it takes over an hour on foot. 


Here is where Fox River gets to be a part… We are able to help purchase the land that they will be putting the building in the community of Las Nubes.  Over the years Fox River has made trips to La Esmeralda, and we have had the opportunity to spend time in Las Nubes.  Every time we go we see more and more growth in that area, this building is going to be a huge blessing to this community.


 It is exciting that God allows us to be a piece in this, and we cannot wait to see the fruits that come from this ministry!  Stay tuned, we will keep sharing!