Introducing Pastor Denis and Karen

Let us introduce you to our partners in La Esmeralda, Pastor Denis and Karen. These two are the hands and feet of Christ everyday up in the mountains of Nicaragua. As Fox River, we are partnering with Denis and Karen to carry out God’s mission in La Esmeralda. There are many different areas where this takes place and we can see the fruit that God has produced. We have the honor and blessing to see how he is working in and through the lives of the Nicaraguans.

What does that exactly look like? Let us try to paint a picture for you and give you a glimpse of what they do.

In church

Each week they offer three services for all of the community to be a part of.  Pastor Denis preaches at the services.  Karen leads the childrens classes during these services, she also attends and supports Denis as he preaches and leads the congregation.  A service generally includes, music, a time of greeting, and a message.

At the clinic


In the clinic, every patient, before they are ever seen is given the opportunity to hear the gospel. On average in a year, the clinic sees 10,000 people.  That is 10,000 people who might not have heard the good news, and got to because of the clinic and the ministry Pastor Denis and Karen have built. As a church, supporting the clinic not only means the medical side of the ministry, but also it means that we are supporting the kingdom of God here on Earth.

How cool is it to know that when you partner with Fox River Missions, you are having an eternal impact?

Youth Group


Youth group is a night dedicated to the teens of the community and reaching them where they are. This includes games, a message, and small groups. Denis and Karen are investing in the lives of these teens which is extremely important at such an opportune age where they start making big decisions that will impact the rest of their lives. It offers them a better place to go rather than getting caught up in the pressures of their peers.

Women’s Ministry

Karen leads a bible study for the women of the communities. Often times the women are behind the scenes in the community taking care of their families, so this is a great way for the women to come together, to dig into God's teachings, and to learn how to be a woman of Christ.  It refreshes them so that they can do the ministry of being a wife, mom, cook, etc.

Sports Ministry

The sports ministry meets outside of the church walls and reaches youth that would not be involved in church otherwise. As a result, we have seen many lives changed through this ministry. Six of these athletes have come to Christ and are serving in the church in other ministries. This ministry is growing at a rapid pace and we expect to see much more growth as it continues to reach more and more people in and around the community.

Pastor Denis and Karen are a vital part of Gods plan for the community of La Esmeralda. Their love for Christ and his people is truly inspiring. 

Would you join us in praying for them and their ministry?