Let's get started

Today was are first full day here in La Esmeralda.  

I will start by sharing that Our God is GOOD!  He has shown us his presence and has heard your prayers!

Some of our students share about what we have done...

Andrea-- Today we had the opportunity to go out in the community and hand out the hygiene packs we had assembled. We were able to go into the locals houses, give them the packs and pray over them, their family, and their household. It was an amazing start to the week.


Michaela--  We have really started to form relationships with the Nicas. Today we got to play a bunch of games and even had a color war. You really figure out who your friends are when you're running around and chucking colored powder at people. It was a lot of fun and even though we can't always talk with them, playing games really does break the communication barrier. 


Megan Paulson-- After an incredible day, building relationships and meeting people in the community, we had the opportunity to be apart of "teen night" at the local church. This was an awesome experience because everything is led by the teens, but you would never know it! Our team put on a skit for everyone, and we continued to build relationships and grow with the people around us! I can't wait to see what the rest of the week will hold! 



As we end our day will you pray for us?

The team has had some trials and we ask you pray for their hearts as we step into the rest of the week!