Life Change

We would love for you to hear from our mission partner, Jenna Nyanje- administrator of Crossroads Academy:

Not all the students we have at Crossroads Academy start with us in preschool. 

Some students enter our school with a story or circumstance that we fully recognize as God being up to something bigger than policies and procedures.

That means that, on occasion, we don’t meet a student until later in their schooling: grade 4, 5 or even 6.

I wrote about ‘Sam’ a while ago, because we knew when we met him and his Grandmother that we were going to be responsible for more than just praying for them in the moment and wishing them provision as they went out.

The truth is, it’s sometimes a risk to take older kids into the school. As best as we try to assess where they are academically we can never really know how well they will adjust and fit into a new school.

Sam began the school year and struggled slightly just like we expected him to do. He was trying his best to fit into a new school as well as catching up on the school work he had missed. We watched this young man work hard. He never quit. This was the beginning of 2017. 

When we ended the first term this year, two teachers came and asked me if they could share some news with me that they knew would make my day. 

Where typically we would see students raise their scores 30 to 50 points, Sam had raised his by 125!!! In one of his math exams, he missed only 3 questions! I don’t know how to say this, but statistically this does not happen. Sam has risen above the statistics and we are COMPLETELY overjoyed.

The teachers were so excited because this is one of THEIR boys. They didn’t give up on him either. We all feel like there is something special in store for this boy.

This school is making a difference and allowing students to meet their highest potential!

Below is a picture of Sam and one of the many teachers who has invested in him, Teacher Margaret.

This teacher has been an absolute blessing to our school. She, like many of the other teachers, go above and beyond classroom work. She deeply cares for these students as if they were her own.

We love you, Teacher Margaret!

 - Jenna 



Life change is constantly happening in Kenya and Nicaragua. Without your generous donations, these stories would not be possible. We serve a good God and look forward to His working in the future.