Long Awaited Trip

This week we are headed back to Nicaragua!!

You can count us on one hand, but we know for certain God placed the four of us on this team for a reason and we cannot wait to see what He has planned for us! Pastor Rob, Stephen, Abbey, and Kerri will head out Tuesday morning to spend time with our partners in La Esmeralda! A small team of veterans to be the feet on the ground for Fox River this summer.

This trip is long awaited after having to cancel last summer due to the state of the country at that time. We look forward to reconnecting with our partners, checking in, and encouraging the clinic and ministries! This week our plan is to encourage Pastor Denis, Karen and their team and we couldn’t be more excited!

We are confident that God has mighty plans for this next week and purposed each one of us for this trip. We have a great team of Nicas/Missionaries waiting and working for us on the other side and we look forward to the reunion we will have at the airport and then again when we arrive in La Esmeralda!

Will you pray for us as we go…

  • Safety

  • Health

  • Energy

  • Travel

  • Growth

  • Wisdom

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