Not there, but here

Here I am.  My plan was to be standing with my team in Nicaragua right now, getting ready to see my friends, my family.  My heart has gone and yet I am still here.  As much as I want to be there I know that God is at work and has asked us to stay instead of go this time. 

You know those moments, the ones you realize after the fact that God was using it to prepare you for another?  Yeah?  If not, I pray for a moment like that for you because as the next unfolds you are amazed at the way God works.  It leaves me in awe every time.  Only a God who loves and cares about you works in one day to prepare you for another.


Last year in Nicaragua on our last full evening in La Esmeralda I was standing out in the front of the church watching the team take in the last moments of being there.  Tears were streaming down my face (which just doesn't happen often for me) as I stood in a place that brings so much peace and joy.  A friend asked me what I was thinking about, and I told them the future of this place and the fact that I wasn't ready to leave.  In that moment I had no idea that I wouldn't get to go back this summer, in that moment I could only walk away thinking I would be back.  And today I know that God was using that moment to prepare me for this year.  He was whispering so softly that evening... "Abbey, I hold this place!  I have BIG plans!  I am building here!  Watch Me!  Go and Be Still!"  The tears have returned today, and the promises He has made are still true and I am watching them unfold everyday!

Have you heard the song 'Yes and Amen'?  This song is on repeat in my heart in these moments.  It goes like this...

"Faithful, You are.  Faithful, forever You will be.  Faithful, You are.  All Your promises are Yes and Amen....

I will rest in Your promises.  My Confidence is Your faithfulness..."

As I stay this year I have decided to spend the 10 days praying very specific things over Nicaragua.  

The place we love, the place our friends call home is still being destroyed by darkness.  Things have continued to get worse and people are hurting all across Nicaragua.   My heart is broken for this place and people that hold so much of my heart.

 This is my prayer list for 10 days... 

  1. The churches as they pour into their communities
  2. Our Missionaries and partners
  3. Heart change
  4. The violence to stop
  5. The hurting families
  6. Protection
  7. Provision
  8. Hope
  9. The future of Nicaragua
  10. Pastor Denis and Karen are about to welcome their baby girl.   
  • That they can travel safely to and from the hospital

  • That Karen and baby are healthy for the remainder of the pregnancy and things go smoothly for the c-section  

  • Healthy Baby

  • Recovery for Karen

  • For Pastor Denis for wisdom and strength as he makes decisions for his family

  • For Jonathan (big brother) that he adapts well to the changes that baby will bring

(Be watching because we will celebrate with them when baby arrives!!!)


God hears our cries and as I wait for the next time we will get to go and be in this place again I will cry out for hope, change, growth, forgiveness, love, peace, Jesus!   Join me?

Rest in His promises!  He is faithful!