Our People

You hear us talk about 'our' people in Kenya and Nicaragua often.  We are so grateful for them.  

But, today is about different people!  The people we have here.  Those of you who sit and refresh over and over waiting for an update while our teams are in action, those of you who spend countless hours praying for our teams, our ministries, our people... Those of you who give, support, and send Fox River teams!  

We want you to know we appreciate you!  Your giving makes a difference in thousands of lives.  Your prayers hold our teams to and from these places! Your support is priceless and NEVER unnoticed!  

From our teams: THANK YOU!  Thank you for sending us, following along on the journeys, for covering us in prayer, and for asking us about our experiences after we have returned! 

From our ministries (clinic and schools): Gracias! Asante! THANK YOU!  For giving to these life changing ministries in Kenya and Nicaragua. Thank you for sending teams to serve, for praying for us, and for the continued support! 

Our people!  You! Thank you for following along as we seek to make Jesus famous across the world by sharing His love!  YOU ARE OUR PEOPLE and we know how valuable you are, we hope you do too! 

'Fox River Missions' would just be three words if it weren't for YOU!   Thanks for joining us in our mission to share Jesus' love!