Outreach Day in Vipingo

A word from Ginger:
"The day was more eventfully than we could have ever imagined but that’s how God works - especially in Kenya!

As both the kids I knew and the kids I didn’t, came alongside me to color the coloring books I brought, they would ask if I had sweets (their way of asking for candy).  I didn’t, but what I did have were these bright colorful paper Crosses that folded out to tell the good news of the Gospel of Christ. 

The kids from the school knew the story but as we sat there coloring we had the chance for them to share it with one another and with me in a new way.  Their faces were even more brightly lit with wonder than when they had ridden the camels earlier that day. 

Then I asked them to be sure to share the story of Jesus’ gift with their friends who didn’t know Him.  What happened next was so humbling and unexpected and exciting all in one!  After a quick run back to our supply room, I was greeted with many of those same kids running back up to me frantically saying they needed a new Cross [booklet].  After we talked about the Gospel, in the time it took me to run back to the supply room, they had almost immediately run back into the sea of people and given their Cross booklets away.  While they are certainly generous children it’s not often that they will give up a treasured piece of paper with written English on it that they could otherwise keep all to their own.

It was so inspiring to see these young kids decades younger than me act with more boldness and confidence than ten adults combined!  It seems that knowing God in Kenya comes along with keenly knowing how desperately He is needed.  This need is realized in ways that are, sadly, lost in America where our ‘land of plenty’ can often lull us into spiritual complacency.

My prayer continues to be that each member of our team will carry this enthusiasm back to the US and run to our friends to share with them that His love is a free gift just like these kids did today."


The day was amazing! We had a couple of rain showers, but they were short lived and didn't stop the activities for long. Thank you for praying for us! Pastor Rob did a great job presenting the gospel message and there were many from our partner churches sharing the gospel with individuals during the entire day.  Please continue to pray for those who heard the Word and for those who began a relationship with Jesus today.

Here are a few pictures from the day.