Prepping 101

Four hours of team packing? Check. Too many to count last-minute trips to the store for less than five items? Check. Made sure you had your passport for the twentieth time today? Check. But what about Jesus in all of this? What about the spiritual preparation? 

As a team we've been walking through the book of Acts starting June 1. Everyday we have been challenged to read and reflect on the passage(s) of scripture from the book of Acts selected. Reflecting on not only how this particular scripture applied to us on an individual basis, but as a team and as a part of the body of Christ all around the world. 

Because the most vital part of going on this trip is making sure we are going with Jesus. Each one of us can go for Jesus. We can go and do great things and change lives - but our life won't be impacted as much if we were to go with Jesus. That vital part of a living relationship with Him is the only thing keeping us going on that mountain - He is the source and reason of it all. 

Personally, to prepare, I've been waking up and reflecting on the many attributes of God I've had hanging on my wall for months. I wanted to fixate my mind and  attitude on the God that is walking into these next few days right along side us. The God who has sealed each one of us with His Spirit. He is in control. He is always with us. And He is going to be at work within us and around us even when we cannot see it. 

We are going with Jesus simply because we just want to be His hands and feet. His love through us is the only reason we are getting on this plane.