A Step of Faith and Story to match

Today Marc M shares his story of how he is being used and Changed by God this week!  Make it to the end because it’s a great story and there are some ‘day end’ pictures so you can see the progress!..


What. A. Day. What. A. Week.

Amazing might be an understatement while trying to describe this experience. Life changing is probably more appropriate. What exactly that means though....only God knows!!

Personally, being here in La Esmeralda is nothing I could have prepared for. When I made the decision to join the team down here, I had no idea what I was getting into. I feared the travel and health risks. I feared the communication barrier. I feared whether or not this trip was really for me.

But with Day 5 of our construction efforts now in the books, I know this is exactly where I am supposed to be...right here in La Esmeralda alongside my new found friends. Men from Fox River that I didn't know before this trip that I'm now proud to call my brothers. The Nicas that I feared not being able to communicate with I have made some amazing relationships with. God placed me here with all of them for one common goal...to build His Kingdom by actually building things that will mean so much to the Nicas that call La Esmeralda home. 

Marc and Olvin

Marc and Olvin

One Nica in particular, Olvin, is one I will never forget. He and I have formed an amazing friendship in a very short amount of time and regardless of our communication struggles. We have similar personalities and have definitely had our fair share of laughs. He says "Bruno Mars" and I sing "Grenade" for him...although not very well. Silly little things to others but lasting memories for me. 


As for the actual construction happening around here, I'm beyond impressed by this team of men. In essentially 4 plus days, we have most of the bathroom exterior walls complete, the septic system walls almost complete, the sidewalk ready to be poured with concrete tomorrow,and the part I'm most proud of....the children's facility has walls going up!!!!


Just saying that makes me think of the Gateway Worship song, "Walls Are Coming Down". Well let me tell you, down here we're singing "Walls Are Going Up, Walls Are Going Up, Oh Oh Oh Oh..."!!!


When we were at church on Sunday, the children met in their children's facility despite not having any walls around them. I pray that before we leave we can get the rest of the walls up so those kids can start to feel the hope and the love this team is pouring into them.


I look forward to what the next few days has in store for us as we continue to do God's work.

Blessings to all back home and I'm sorry about the snow...I'm currently recovering from sunburn!!!  ~Marc M


Check our the progress and bonus picture below...


Motorcycle work is happening too!!


It’s so cool to see the progress they are making.  


And a beautiful sunset to close the day of hard work!